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TEDxRedmond Committee Members on KING5

TEDxRedmond Committee Members on KING5

TEDxRedmond has partnered with AOL News and Amazing Kids! to provide coverage of the event. We have been covered in the Redmond Reporter, Good News Now, and Seattle’s KING5 New Day Northwest. If you are interested in covering TEDxRedmond, please contact

TEDxRedmond has been covered in:

KING5′s New Day Northwest

AOL’s Good News Now

The Redmond Reporter

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer Blog

KUOW’s Weekday

KPLU (NPR affiliate)


NWCN (Northwest Cable News)–Northwest Families

TEDxRedmond Curator Adora Svitak and TEDxRedmond speaker Jessica Markowitz on New Day NW:

TEDxRedmond National Media Press Release

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