Calling all TEDxRedmond attendees and friends of TEDxRedmond! We are looking for more students to attend TEDxRedmond. If you have a blog, website, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or email account, please post, write, tweet, and send info about TEDxRedmond to your friends. Adults: if you have friends or coworkers with kids, raise awareness about TEDxRedmond at home and at work! 


Examples of Blogging About TEDxRedmond

Here are some good examples of blogging about TEDxRedmond, from the Adora Svitak website blog and Priya Ganesan’s blog Book Crumbs (basically reprinted from Maya Ganesan’s blog, Allegro):




Good information to include:

-Notable speakers (whichever ones you found most notable)

-Date, time, location (September 18th, 2010, 1 PM, Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond)

-Giveaways and free food (snacks and a catered dinner will be provided)

-Benefits of attending TEDxRedmond (fun, learning, community, good ideas, peer role models–think of some of your own reasons)



Obviously, you will also want to raise awareness by simply telling people about the event. When you go to school, invite your friends and classmates to go to TEDxRedmond with you. (Maybe you can carpool!) When you go to work, talk to your coworkers about it. If you know someone who you think would enjoy attending, say, “There’s this event you would love…” Tell your teachers and your principal; ask them to post news on a school website. If you are part of a club, association, or other group, make an announcement.

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