Why do you want to attend TEDxRedmond?

This year, we’re asking attendees (either when you first apply for an invitation, or, after you’ve been invited, when you register on Eventbrite) a simple question: why do you want to attend TEDxRedmond? Here are a few of our favorite answers.

Why do you want to attend TEDxRedmond?

I want to visit TEDxRedmond because…
“I am a nerd and committed to learning and growing myself both mentally and personality wise. TED has made me think about the world we live in, and has made me question my views (For example, a brilliant talk at 10/10/10 made me COMPLETELY rethink the Middle East conflicts). I really want to continue to my expanding view of the world, as I enjoy the world we live in more the more I understand it.” -August W.

“I was a volunteer at last years TEDxRedmond event. It was amazing to work along side other young people who want to make a difference in the world. I may be volunteering again this year.” -Ashley M.

“…I attended last year. It was one of the most important events of my life to date, no exaggeration. I loved seeing so many kids around my age all speaking in front of a whole stage (not to mention folks who were streaming it) to share their opinions, discoveries, and accomplishments. I would really enjoy coming back to watch this again.” -Alexander R.

“I have been watching TED videos for a few years and they have inspired the learner inside me. I would love to be part of the experience here in Washington. The fact that TEDxRedmond is focused and developed with young learners is one of the most exciting things to me as an educator because it shows that no matter the age or the size, people are capable of amazing things. I want to bring this excitement and engagedment back into my classroom and school to inspire others.” – Teacher who applied for initial invitation

And free stuff doesn’t hurt…

“I attended last year, and I liked that mostly kids recognized the problems that are happening in the world.  I was really happy that I went to the TEDxRedmond conference.  I won a manga book about molecular biology when I answered a question correctly, which is great because I love science. TED talks make me want to support the efforts of the people presenting; I care about what they’re doing.” – Student who applied for initial invitation

Take a look at a Wordle “Word Cloud” we formed using these responses (pasting what people have written; Wordle arranges it based on the frequency of words):

why attend TEDxRedmond wordle

So ask yourself–why do you want to attend TEDxRedmond?

Join us on September 10th, 2011–let’s light the spark in all of us.

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