TEDxRedmond 2010

Watch TEDxRedmond 2010 videos:

Adora Svitak’s Welcome to TEDxRedmond and Rethinking Education:

Priya Ganesan on Creativity in Schools:

Madison Razo on Elementary Experiences:

Zoe Sprankle on Small Actions, Large Impact:

Adora Svitak’s Section Introduction to Exploring Creativity:

Jason O’Neill on Goals vs. Plans:

Simone Porter with Sarasate’s Malaguena and Zapateado:

Perry Chen on his Love of Movies:

Noah Andrade’s Tribute to US Troops:

Adora Svitak’s Section Introduction to Starting a Movement:

Cayle Diefenbach on Preserving Heritage:

Maya Ganesan on the Definition of Perfection:

Brigitte Berman on Bullying in School:

Zach Veach on Racing and Advocating Against Texting While Driving:

Adora Svitak’s Section Intro to Giving Back:

Jessica Markowitz on Hope and Education for Rwanda’s Girls:

Adrianna Svitak with Sposalizio by Liszt:

The Pink Polka Dots (Sierra Alef, Maddy Berkman, Kelsey Josund) on Fighting Pediatric Cancer:

Adrianna Svitak with Winter Wind Etude by Chopin:

Adora Svitak’s Section Intro to Healing the Earth:

Olivia Bouler on Recovery in the Gulf:

Alec Loorz on Urgency and Activism in Environmentalism:

Jordan Romero on Climbing Mt. Everest:

Oliver Aldort’s Closing Cello Performance:

For real-time updates prior to and during the event, follow us on Twitter: @TEDxRedmond.

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