TEDxRedmond 2011

Watch TEDxRedmond 2011 videos:

Adesuwa Agbonile on Stereotyping:

Birke Baehr on Slow Food, Real Food:

Kara Chambers on Uganda’s Invisible Children:

Christina Dias on Stopping to Smell the Flowers:

Stephanie Engle on What is a Picture Worth?:

Felix Finkbeiner’s Message for the Audience of TEDxRedmond:

Alejandra Gama on the Right to be an American:

Roberto Granados’ Three Pieces on Guitar:

Yoni Kalin and Gawan Fiore on Color My World:

Samhita Karnati on Passion, Perseverance, and National History Day:

Cameron Manor on Something to Call My Own:

MaCall Manor on Once Upon a Time:

Tyler Menezes on What the Internet Can Teach Us About Everything, and Why:

Tyler Page on Kids Helping Kids:

Conor and Kendall Perrin on Life and Death (and Hope) in the Bush:

Ethan Perrin on a Million Dollar Picture:

Alexander Prior on the Power of Music:

Gabi Santana Ufret on Truancy – More than What Meets the Eye:

Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva on Palm Oil and Girl Scout Cookies:

Ray Ushikubo, Pint-Sized Pianist:

ShaLuJuan Williams on Community Organizing:

Hannah Yang on “Hold On! This is Material!”:

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