Our 2014 Team

At TEDxRedmond, we’re privileged to have a dedicated committee made up of local middle and high school students. We’re also very lucky to have such encouraging parents, who drive us to meetings, offer up their insight (and, occasionally, credit cards!), and allow us to do what we love.

TEDxRedmond 2014 Team:

Co-Presidents: Chunyang Ding and Julian Pradeep
Curator: Kelly Jiang
Secretary: Mimansa Dogra
Also on the board: Christina Dias, Maya Ganesan

Adora Svitak

Since the age of four, Adora Svitak has been exploring what she can do with the written word: everything from championing literacy and youth voice to working with the UN’s World Food Programme to raise awareness about world hunger. Hoping to instill her love of writing in others, she taught her first class at a local elementary school the year her first book, Flying Fingers, debuted; since then, she has spoken at hundreds of schools, classrooms and conferences around the world. In 2010, she delivered the speech “What Adults Can Learn from Kids” at TED. The speech received over one million views online and has been translated into over 40 different languages. That same year, Adora started organizing TEDxRedmond. Over the course of years of speaking, her audiences have included teachers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, students, and delegates at the United Nations. She will be a freshman at UC Berkeley in fall 2014.



1236265_729466707068717_1070812528_nKelly Jiang, TEDxRedmond Curator

Kelly is a senior at Redmond High School who enjoys eating Chipotle and spreading the gospel of Chipotle to others, as well as more normal things like playing the cello and roller skating. Most of all, she loves spreading knowledge and ideas, whether it’s through teaching and running a math club for elementary school students, or teaching roller skating, or organizing TEDxRedmond. She has been on the TEDxRedmond committee for the past four years and couldn’t be more excited to be curator and lead the TEDxRedmond committee in 2014.



Chunyang Ding, TEDxRedmond Co-President

A curious mind, Chunyang is an upcoming senior at Interlake High School’s Gifted Program who is determined to discover as many secrets of the world as he can. Captivated by the natural laws of science and mathematics, he still finds time to read and write on his blog, as well as being an ASB Officer, Chem Club officer, SNHS founder, and BYSO member. In his free time he tweets about #StuVoice and getting wrapped up in fandoms like DocWho and Homestuck. He believes that every person has a huge capacity for good, and is determined to help unlock that through many programs, including TEDx! As a second-year committee member, he is excited to lead and help make the event a success.



1524790_10151595325783239_359547222_nJulian Pradeep, TEDxRedmond Co-President

An active athlete, student leader, writer, and actor, Julian Pradeep always tries to actively participate in his community. Recently he represented his school throughout the state for leadership conferences, participated in basketball at the national level, and has been part of numerous  Redmond High School Drama Productions. Julian is going into his senior year as one of the students on his school’s ASB board. He continues to write many short stories, poems, and screenplays, which he hopes to later publish! Being his fourth year on the committee, Julian vows to do all he can to make TEDxRedmond even better than it has been in the past.



Maya Ganesan

Maya Ganesan is a sixteen-year-old junior from Redmond, Washington. Her first poetry collection, Apologies to an Apple, was published by Classic Day Publishing in 2009. Her poems have appeared in Crab Creek Review, Hobble Creek Review, Fire on Her Tongue (Two Sylvias Press), and other journals and anthologies. This is her fifth year planning TEDxRedmond.



Christina Dias

Christina Dias is a sixteen year-old soon-to-be senior who has spoken previously at TEDxRedmond on the subject of viewing the world with brighter eyes and an open mind, a topic in which she believes almost as firmly as her  passion for arts. Amongst balancing activities such as badminton, robotics, and Bellevue Youth Symphony, Christina is the co founder of a youth outreach group called The Red Balloon Project, President of her Honor Society chapter, former ASB President of STEM Tesla High School, editor of the Youthful Words column at the Redmond Reporter, and still regularly writes on her blog Merry Go Round. This being her fourth year on the committee, Christina is ecstatic to work with this amazing group of people again and can’t wait for another incredible event.



GayatriGayatri Shandar 

Gayatri, a sophomore at Interlake High School in Bellevue, is an avid Bharatanatyam dancer and is passionate about being involved in her Indian roots as well as sharing them with the people around her. For close to ten years, she has danced in various professional productions for different dance companies in the Eastside and Bay Area as well as her own solo debut in 2012. This is Gayatri’s first year at TEDx and is honored to work with such accomplished people and speakers on the committee.




HarikaHarika Dabbara

Harika, a Junior at International school and an active student in the community, has two black belts in tae kwon do and  is the president of her schools robotics club and national art honor society. In addition, she enjoys playing the piano and reading. She is very excited and motivated to help make another amazing TEDxRedmond event.

IsaacIsaac Perrin 

At 14 years old Isaac is entering STEM and he has an intense interest in the field of science and technology and learning about the world around him. He learns things wherever he can, from youtube to magazines to rousing discussions with other people. Isaac enjoys filling his time learning new skills, sailing and practicing photography too.



Jenny Yang


photoJessica Jiang

A junior at Interlake High School among other and more interesting occupations, Jessica is an avid artist and writer, and glad to be back on the TEDx Redmond committee for her second year. She has a passion for social justice, with a particular interest in diverse media representation and art as resistance. A believer in the importance of individual advocacy, Jessica is also the captain of Interlake’s debate team, and volunteers to help younger students develop public speaking and advocacy skills. When she’s not toiling away under the workload of second-year IB, she loves reading, daydreaming, and petting other people’s dogs.



lisa marieLisa Marie Dias

Lisa Marie Dias is an upcoming sophomore at Redmond High School. With a strong passion for reading and writing, Lisa Marie loves writing short stories and poems during her free time. She enjoys playing competitive badminton, running track and field, and playing the violin. This year, her robotics team was semi-finalists in state and traveled to Anaheim, California for the VEX World Championship 2014. Just a few years ago, Lisa Marie and her friends scored an Honorable Mention for Toshiba Exploravision. Along with TEDxRedmond, she is also a board member of a non-profit organization reaching out for youth and inspiring them to code. This is her fourth year being part of the committee and is so excited for planning TEDxRedmond 2014!




Lucy Jiang

At fourteen years old, Lucy Jiang is practically inseparable from her digital camera and is fascinated by the power of capturing moments through film. She and her friends traveled to Washington D.C. for the 2014 National History Day competition, after placing first in the state for their group performance. Lucy is a Level 1 Certified Skate Instructor and a summer camp counselor for Skate Journeys Skate School, in addition to being a weekly volunteer at the local skate rink. She also has a passion for other extracurricular activities, such as piano and flute, Chinese, and fine art.



Mimansa Dogra

serinaSerina Nguyen

Serina Nguyen is a fourteen year old freshman from Mercer Island. She enjoys tae-kwon-do, soccer, and is on Mercer Island High School’s Drill Team. Serina has won numerous awards through her volunteer work, including the President’s Volunteer Service Award. She is also a dedicated Girl Scout and has completed many self-organized Girl Scout service projects. She is very excited to be a part of the TEDxRedmond planning committee!



Sonia Murthy

Sonia Murthy is a sixteenSonia year old with a passion for everything creative. When she’s not working towards her black belt in Taekwondo, doing Hapkido, or playing varsity singles Badminton, her remaining free time is spent painting, drawing, making jewelry, and trying her hand at poetry and photography. As an active part of both her school and community, she takes pride in her roles as ASB Vice President, FBLA Public Relations officer, Ethics Bowl officer, and Link Crew leader, as well as her involvement in her Hindi school’s Youth Board. Sonia is very excited to be a part of the TEDxRedmond team and looks forward to creating another successful event!

SophiaSophia Tevosyan 

At sixteen years old, Sophia enjoys creative writing and poetry as well as music, and has been privileged with 11 years of classical piano experience while dabbling in some composing and songwriting of her own. Sophia enjoys studying both local and international history, with her group’s documentary for National History Day placing first in the state and seventh nationally. She also participates in debate and is part of her school’s Ethics Bowl team, and placed first in the state with her partner in the Business Ethics event for the Future Business Leaders of America competition. This is her second year on the committee, and she is very excited to help plan the next TEDxRedmond event.



Our thanks to

2013 Team: 

Curator: Adora Svitak
Co-Presidents: Maya Ganesan and Julian Pradeep
Head of Speakers: Christina Dias
Head of Logistics: Ethan Perrin
Head of Publicity: Jessica Perrin
Also on Board: Chunyang Ding, Kelly Jiang

Other Previous TEDxRedmond Committee Members:

Adesuwa Agbonile

Victoria Bawn

Rosalyn Leban

Hattie Yang

Adrianna Svitak

Priya Ganesan



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